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Please enter as much information as possible. The more information we have, the quicker we are able to process your loan application.If you experience any difficulties in completing this application or do not hear from us within 1 working day, please call us on 02 4926 1428.

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Under the National Credit Code you may be liable to a criminal penalty if you make any false or misleading representation that is material to the bank's decision to approve this loan. Have you had any judgements, garnishees, or other legal proceedings against you or ever been bankrupt or insolvent, or ever assigned your estate for the benefit of Creditors*?
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  • I/We have read and agree to the Privacy Disclosure Statement (click to view)
  • I/We authorise Nova Alliance Bank to make any relevant enquiries to the referee , my employer or any other credit provider
  • I/We acknowledge that a credit reporting agency report will be obtained.
  • I/We are comfortable with our ability to make repayments under the proposed loan without difficulty.
  • I/We confirm the above  living allowance is a true and accurate reflection of the expenditure of our household.
  • I /We hereby apply for a loan as above and certify that the foregoing statements are true and complete in every particular.

Bendigo Credit Licence ACL237879

Nova Alliance Bank

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 -Last 2 pay slips

-Last 3 months savings statement that your whole of pay  goes into and your living expenses come from

-Last statements for any exiting loans you have

I/We agree to the terms and conditions set above
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